MDPE Pipe Fittings

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MDPE Pipe Fittings are excellent value with 60% off list price. They are WRAS approved for above and below ground use, they can be used for potable water (drinking) applications with Blue and Black MDPE pipe. The Water pipe fittings have been pressure approved to 16 bar and tested with a safety factor of x 1.5 (exceptions below). These MDPE Fittings are available in sizes 20mm to 125mm and are coloured blue for easy identification . The good news is that we have huge stocks of the MDPE pipe fittings for Next Day Delivery. Finally, these pipe fittings are so simple to install and require no special tools, they connect to the MDPE pipe with compression ends. MDPE Pipe Fittings conform to UNI 9561-9562, UNI EN 712-713-715, UNI ISO 7/1, ISO 14236, UNI 2233.

Basic Fitting Guidelines:

These fittings are simple to install as demonstrated by the simple instructions below. However, we always recommend reading the manufacturer's instructions for a more detailed overview.

  1. Loosen off the retaining nut
  2. Insert an MDPE pipe liner into the pipe
  3. Push the pipe past the O ring until you hit the stop
  4. Tighten the nut with a universal strap wrench

The pipe liner and strap wrench are available in our MDPE Accessories and MDPE Tools sections, respectively.

 MDPE Pipe Fittings - from Pipestock

Useful Info:

Pipestock have a massive range of MDPE pipe fittings in stock, meaning you can design your system safe in the knowledge we can provide everything you need.

These plastic pipe fittings are suitable to be used with both blue and black metric MDPE water pipe.

Please note, these fittings are not WRAS approved.

All of our MDPE compression fittings have a Safety Factor of 3, ensuring that spikes in water pressure within a water pipe system are catered for. The majority of our fittings have a pressure rating of 16 bar, however there are a few exceptions which are as follows:

  • Female adaptor 75mm x 2" to 110mm x 4" - 10 bar
  • 90° female threaded tee from 75mm x 2" to 110mm x 4" - 10 bar
  • 90° female threaded elbow from 75mm x 2" to 110mm x 4" - 10 bar
  • Safety factor based upon maximum working pressure at the temperature of 20°

If you require any further information then don’t hesitate to ring us here at Pipestock on 0845 634 1053. We’re always happy to help!

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