PVC-C, from Georg Fischer, is manufactured from Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride and has been constructed to offer excellent resistance against chemicals such as mineral acids, bases and salt solutions.

PVC-C pipe and fittings are designed for a working life of 25 years when used to convey water at a temperature of 20°C. PVC-C has excellent mechanical attributes, even at elevated temperatures, such as high tensile & impact strength as well as a high burn resistance and self-extinguishing.

Included in this range are 5-metre pipe lengths of various pressure ratings, fittings available with plain and threaded ends, a wide range of valves as well as a great selection of accessories. Sizes available for the pipes and fittings range from 16mm to 225mm.


Pressure Rating up to 16 bar
Temperature Range 0°C to 80°C
Applications Chemical Process Industry,
Building Technology,


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