Flexible Couplings

Fernco Flexible Couplings: Engineered for Superior Drainage Solutions

Fernco’s Flexible Couplings range, including the Standard, Drainage, Extra Wide, Adaptor and Magnum Couplings, are specifically designed to cater to the demanding needs of drainage systems. These couplings, known for their robustness and versatility, are essential in ensuring efficient, reliable drainage connections.

Features and Applications

  • High-Pressure Tolerance: Fernco couplings withstand internal pressures of up to 2.5 bar, ensuring durability in various drainage conditions​​.
  • Shear Band Technology: A stainless steel shear band in these couplings offers added protection against pipe displacement and misalignment, especially under shear loads. This feature is crucial in maintaining the integrity of drainage lines​​.
  • Flexible Sizing and Connection: The range includes couplings in sizes from 50-620mm, with wider options available for larger pipes. This flexibility allows for connections between pipes of different diameters and alignment needs, making them ideal for both repair and extension of drainage systems​​.
  • Adaptability: These couplings are fit for both above and below-ground applications, providing versatility in usage​​.
  • Compliance with Standards: Fernco's couplings are compliant with WIS 4-41-01, BS EN 681-1:1996, BS EN 295-4:2013, and BS EN 10088-2:1995, ensuring their reliability and safety in drainage applications​​.

Specialised Use Cases

  • Standard and Extra Wide Standard Couplings: Ideal for connecting plain-ended pipes when additional alignment protection is required, especially in heavy shear load conditions or for Twinwall pipe connections​​.
  • Adaptor Coupling: Expertly crafted for connecting pipes of dissimilar diameters or materials, the Adaptor Coupling is essential for transitional drainage connections. It ensures a leak-proof and secure fit, making it ideal for complex and diverse drainage configurations.
  • Large and Extra Wide Large Couplings: Best suited for extending drainage lines where socket connections are absent and for uneven or not square pipe ends​​.
  • Magnum Coupling: Provides extra strength for severely uneven pipe ends, offering an enhanced solution for more challenging drainage scenarios​​.
  • Drain Coupling: Specially designed for effective drainage pipe connections, particularly useful in adapting to pipes of different sizes or materials in underground drainage systems. Ideal for ensuring secure and reliable connections in varied environmental conditions.

Professional and Reliable Drainage Solutions

Fernco’s range of Flexible Couplings are a testament to the company's dedication to providing professional, reliable solutions in drainage technology. Their extensive range, coupled with a commitment to innovation and quality, makes them a preferred choice for drainage applications that demand durability and precision.

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