John Guest

Who are John Guest?

John Guest, part of the RWC family, stands as a pioneering force in the world of plumbing and heating. With a rich history of innovation, John Guest has transformed the industry with their quick and reliable connection solutions. Renowned for their push-fit technology, they have become a trusted name for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering a range of products that ensure ease of use, efficiency, and durability.

Product Ranges

  1. Ring Main System: The Ring Main System by John Guest is the epitome of innovation in the realm of compressed air and pneumatics. This system is designed for versatility and ease of installation, featuring an array of durable, lightweight air pipes and fittings. Ideal for various applications, the Ring Main System ensures efficient air distribution with minimal pressure drop.
  2. Tube Fittings: John Guest's Tube Fittings range exemplifies precision and reliability. These fittings are crafted to cater to a broad spectrum of pneumatic applications. Characterized by their durability and leak-proof design, these tube fittings are engineered for rapid, tool-free connections, enhancing productivity and safety in any setup.
  3. Speedfit Plumbing and Heating Solutions: The Speedfit series by John Guest revolutionizes plumbing and heating installations. Renowned for its flexibility and robustness, Speedfit offers a comprehensive range of push-fit fittings, pipes, and valves. These components are designed for quick installation, reducing labour time significantly while ensuring a leak-proof and reliable system.

If you require any further information, our excellent customer service team is here to help so please call us on 01794 835835.