TracPipe CSST

TracPipe is used for conveying natural gas as an alternative to traditional gas pipe. It is manufactured from stainless steel to take the form of a semi-rigid pipe which allows the installer to bend by hand into the desired shape. Without the need for elbow or bend fittings, it is incredibly quick to install compared to copper and steel. With an average time saving of 75%, both installation and labour costs are reduced by a considerable amount.

The stainless steel construction of TracPipe ensures superior corrosion resistance compared to the traditional copper or steel gas piping. Correctly installed, TracPipe can be expected to last for the design period of the fabric of the building in which it is installed.

TracPipe can be used to convey gas to buildings, including residentials such as apartment blocks, commercial buildings, such as sports stadiums, and other buildings, including schools. Its wide scope of application increases its preference over traditional copper and steel gas pipe.

TracPipe adheres to all the relevant British gas pipe regulations and has all the appropriate approvals and standards to ensure that it is safe to use.

TracPipe has been tested by Advantica (originally BG Technology) and has a smoke and fire retardant yellow polyethylene cover displaying the word 'Gas'

A specific corrugated stainless steel tube cutter is recommended when cutting CSST - see Tools & Accessories.


Material Corrugated stainless steel
Gas Suitability Natural gas, propane or butane, (1st 2nd and 3rd family gases)
Approved Working Pressure 500mbar
Standards BS7838, EN15266, and EN1775 Fire Test A



Download the TracPipe pipe sizing app from the following:-

Download the TracPipe sum of pressure loss work sheet below:-

TracPipe Sum of Pressure Work Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can TracPipe be fitted in concrete?

A: Yes, it may be fitted and buried directly in concrete, earth and screed.

Q: Can I connect TracPipe to copper pipe?

A: Yes, the compression adaptor and the compression elbow adaptor allow you to connect TracPipe directly to copper.

Q: Can TracPipe be used inside a house?

A: Yes, TracPipe meets all the standards required for use inside houses, as well as for use in other residential and commercial buildings, when installed by a Gas Safe certified engineer.


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