Pipestock supply the entire Plasson range of fittings for PE pipe direct for next day delivery.

Plasson is the world leader in water distribution technology supplying a range of fittings and valves which are purposefully-designed and provide a fully matched range. This range is the largest and most comprehensive on offer and with Plasson consistently developing its products to meet the market needs by utilising their technical capabilities to pioneer new technologies, the company proves why they are among the best.

Plasson came from humble beginnings, starting as a business in 1964 with a group of visionary farmers desiring better agricultural technology. With the farming industry becoming more reliant on technology, they saw the need to modernise and enhance their own labour methods in order keep up with the increasing advances. With their knowledge and experience combined with new technology, they produced advanced agricultural equipment by injection molding. They called their new venture Plasson.

Plasson's very first products were cages, drinkers and feeders for poultry. It then moved on from this into developing a range of plastic fittings for plastic pipes.

Plasson has always listened to customer requirements and was the first to market many innovative pipework solutions. As a result of this vision, the company's fittings are now ubiquitous products, used in many countries.

Plasson has developed a broad range of solutions for connecting PE piping and for the conveyance of water through plastic pipe systems.

The raw materials used in Plasson products are meticulously chosen, ensuring the best virgin plastic is used in each individual product.

The Plasson founders' commitment to quality, fair dealing and respect for customer feedback is the secret of the company's success today. Its team works consistently to keep its reputation as a market leader, not only in quality but also in the variety of products it offers. The company takes pride in being able to supply most of the market's demands immediately with an unrivalled quality.

Today, the Plasson name is synonymous with quality and innovation. The company is a global manufacturer with over 1,500 employees and it derives its corporate strength from research, development and high-quality manufacturing.