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Philmac plastic pipework - sold by Pipestock Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Wide range of fittings, adaptors and valves available
  • Used for conveying water
  • Suitable for above and below ground use
  • High quality design and manufacturingWRAS Approved Product - sold by Pipestock
  • Range of chemical resistance dependent on product
  • WRAS approved

Useful Info:

Since its inception in Australia in 1929, Philmac has become a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist pipe fittings and valves. From its beginnings as a designer of push-button toilet cisterns, Philmac diversified its output to plumbing brassware, metal fittings for copper pipe and plastic pipe fittings, culminating in 1968 when it developed the world's first all-plastic compression fittings for polyethylene pipe.

Philmac has a dedication to continuous improvement in quality, product design, innovation and manufacturing, ensuring its products maintain the company's position among the market leaders.

Philmac products are used in agricultural applications of all kinds, the leisure industry for applications such as golf courses,industrial building developments and for the networking of water supplies in towns and cities across the world.


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