Economy 2-Way Ball Valves

As the name suggests, a PVC double union ball valve has two union ends so that the valve can be demounted from a pipeline for refurbishment or repair.

The handle has been specifically designed as an ergonomic teardrop shape, in order to provide a secure grip.

These are economy valves, meaning they are batch tested 1 in 1000.

These ball valves have a locking end which enables you to adjust the torque on the ball in the valve, depending on the water pressure. Before assembly you should always check the locking end and tighten if necessary; if it's too loose, the valve will leak. The handle of the valve can be removed and used as a spanner to tighten the locking end.


Material Polyvinyl chloride - unplasticised (PVCu)
Approval BSI Kitemark (licence number KM 60041)
Notes Plain and threaded connections available



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