Bellows, Clamps & Saddles

Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Repair clamps manufactured by Plasson
  • Adhere to relevant standards
  • Used to branch off or add auxiliary equipment, such as water meters or pressure gauges
  • Repair clamps are used to repair damaged pipe
  • Manufactured to a high standard from a variety of high quality materials which allow for efficiency and a long service life
  • Maximum working temperature dependent upon specific fitting
  • Maximum pressure between 10-16 bar, dependant on specific fitting
  • Maximum working pressure tested at 20°C
  • Please refer to our individual saddle or clamp pages for approval information

Useful Info:

Clamp saddles are used to branch off from existing pipework and can also be used to add pipe equipment into a system.

Repair clamps can be used within a pipe system to repair a damaged section of pipework. The repair clamps available from Pipestock are manufactured by Plasson and provide strong, leak-free joints to allow for easy pipework repairs.


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