Plasson Mechanical Saddle Clamp

Useful Information

Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Plasson
  • Pressure rating: PN16
  • Suitable applications: MDPE & PVC
  • Bolt free installation

How to use PlasSaddle:

  1. The two clamps of the saddle wrap around the pipe and snap together. The saddle is now retained on the pipe and the installer is free to keep working.
  2. Saddle body is positioned in place and connected to the clamps by hand tightening of the retaining nut. No small parts (nuts, bolts) that may fall and disappear in the trench are involved.
  3. Use Plasson mechanical wrench to rotate the nut another 1/2 turn and firmly secure the saddle in place. The outlet is then rotated and secured in the desired direction tightening the grey nut.
  4. Tapping of either live or unpressurised PE and PVC pipe mains is achieved by operating the integral cutter with a 12mm hex drive.

If you require any further information, our excellent customer service team is here to help so please call us on 01794 835835.


Grouped product items
CodeProduct NameList PriceYou SaveYou Pay Quantity
409503PL Mechanical Saddle 63mm x 25mm £103.84 40% £62.30
409505PL Mechanical Saddle 90mm x 25mm £118.25 40% £70.95
409507PL Mechanical Saddle 110mm x 25mm £133.10 40% £79.86
409509PL Mechanical Saddle 125mm x 25mm £148.50 40% £89.10
409511PL Mechanical Saddle 160mm x 25mm £165.00 40% £99.00
409513PL Mechanical Saddle 180mm x 25mm £198.00 40% £118.80
409504PL Mechanical Saddle 63mm x 32mm £103.84 40% £62.30
409506PL Mechanical Saddle 90mm x 32mm £118.25 40% £70.95
409508PL Mechanical Saddle 110mm x 32mm £133.10 40% £79.86
409510PL Mechanical Saddle 125mm x 32mm £148.50 40% £89.10
409512PL Mechanical Saddle 160mm x 32mm £165.00 40% £99.00
409514PL Mechanical Saddle 180mm x 32mm £198.00 40% £118.80