Compression Fittings

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Philmac plastic pipework - sold by Pipestock Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Manufactured by Philmac
  • Materials: polypropylene, nylon (spacer), acetal (split ring), nitrile rubber (seal)
  • WRAS Approved Product - sold by PipestockWRAS approved
  • Conform to AS/NZS 419, AS/NZS 4020, BS 6920, ISO 14236

Useful Info:

The Philmac range of compression fittings utilise their patented Slide & Tighten technology for simple, but totally secure, installation.

With Philmac compression fittings, the MDPE pipe is inserted until the first point of resistance. The nut is then simply tightened by hand and wrench. No force or pipe preparation is required.


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