ABS, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is extremely sturdy against impact, has good chemical resistance and is non-toxic, making it extremely versatile and suitable for potable water and chilled process water applications.

ABS has been proven to be resistant to a wide range of diluted inorganic acids, organic acids, salts, animal fats and certain oils. However, it is not resistant to organic solvents, alcohol, petrol, acetic acid or any vegetable oils.

The smooth bore resists limescale build-up, gives superior flow, is abrasion resistant and corrosion free, and because ABS contains no metallic stabilisers, it is also ideal for conveying high purity de-ionised water.

We stock a massive selection of ABS Inch Pipe & ABS Metric Pipe including a full range of fitting and accessories.

Pressure Rating 9 to 15 bar
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C
Standards British Industrial Biological Research Association Code of Practice for Food Usage 45/5, BS 5391, BS 5392 Part 1, BS 21, DIN 2999, ISO7



WRAS Approved Product - sold by Pipestock

WRAS approved (where applicable)

BSI Kitemark Approved Product - sold by Pipestock

BSI Kitemark approved (where applicable)


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