Redashe Hose Reels

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Redashe hose reel - sold by PipestockKey Features / Tech Specs:

  • Redashe hose reels & cable reels
  • Suitable for heavy duty, low, medium and high-pressure applications
  • Includes bare reels and hose assembled reels
  • Spring rewind and manual rewind hose reels stocked
  • Floor, wall or ceiling, overhead mounting options

Useful Info:

Pipestock is pleased to offer these high-quality hose reels from Redashe suitable for professional, industrial, commercial and domestic use.

A wide range of hose reels available for most sectors such as; food and drink industries; dairy, meat, breweries etc. Also for welding, chemical, plant and construction, mining, marine and off-shore (oil production etc), engineering, agriculture, government bodies (M.O.D., M.A.F.F, etc).

Manufactured from stainless steel, steel, ABS, polypropylene, including food quality water hose reels, welding hose reels, compressed air hose reels, breathing air hose reels, water hose reels, pressure wash hose reels, oil hose reels and hose reels for many more applications.


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