Alpex L MLCP (40mm to 75mm)

The FRÄNKISCHE Alpex L system is comprised of MLCP pipe and high-quality press fittings, in sizes 40mm to 75mm.

This system is designed for drinking water and heating installations, and provides a durable, hygienic solution which can cut labour time and costs significantly compared to traditional copper systems.

The FRÄNKISCHE Alpex L system is WRAS approved (approval 1612057).

What are the benefits of an Alpex MLCP system?

  • Alpex MLCP is available in lengths and flexible coils
  • Resistance to corrosion and oxygen diffusion
  • Less joins and fittings are required due to the extended pipe runs
  • Quick and easy installation - only 3 steps are required
  • No hot works are required
  • Full bore fittings with a flow rate up to 30% higher than copper systems
  • The fittings have a leak function, meaning they will leak if the sleeve hasn't been pressed correctly, which provides a visual indication
  • Lead-free materials



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