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Useful Info:

Established in 1954 in West Drayton, London, Durapipe and Fittings Ltd emerged as a key player in the thermoplastic industry. They quickly gained recognition for their innovative solutions.

In 1974, Durapipe introduced the Air-Line Xtra range, a plastic alternative for compressed air systems, addressing the challenge of sourcing steel pipes. The 1990s witnessed the launch of specialized ranges like PLX, Friaphon, and Vulcathene, designed for applications beyond cold water transport.

Durapipe's commitment to innovation continues with the release of the Guardian, HTA, VKD, and SuperFlo metric and inch ranges in the new millennium. Today, Durapipe is a global leader in high-performance plastic pipework and flow control products, with over six decades of experience.

Trust Durapipe's pioneering expertise for your plastic pipework needs.

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