Durapipe 3-Way Ball Valves

These valves are manufactured by Durapipe.

Both L and T port valves are available.

Durapipe 3-Way ball valves available in sizes ½" to 2" available.


Technical Info:

T port and L port valves are similar in the fact they provide methods for diverting flow, however in function they are unique to each other.

The ball in a T port valve is drilled to have a T shaped bore. This allows fluid to be diverted to two outlets simultaneously or two inlets mixed to one outlet when the valve is fully open.

Conversely, the ball in a L port valve is drilled to have an L shaped bore. This means fluid can be fed from multiple sources but depending on the position of the handle, only one will be active. However, unlike a T port valve, an L port valve can be fully closed, restricting any flow.


T port valve working positions:

L port valve working positions:


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