John Guest Speedfit Plumbing

JG Speedfit: Pioneering Push-Fit Technology

John Guest Speedfit is a renowned name in the plumbing industry, synonymous with innovation and quality. Pioneering the push-fit technology, JG Speedfit has revolutionised the way plumbing connections are made, offering a range of fittings and pipes that ensure reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Whether for residential or commercial applications, John Guest Speedfit products cater to a wide array of plumbing needs, streamlining installation processes and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • Push-Fit Technology: JG Speedfit's unique push-fit technology allows for quick, tool-free connections, significantly reducing installation time.
  • Leak-Proof and Secure: JG Speedfit fittings are designed to be both leak-proof and secure, ensuring a reliable connection every time.
  • Versatility: Compatible with a variety of pipe types, including PEX, polybutylene, and copper.
  • No Hot Works Required: Eliminates the need for soldering, making installations safer and more convenient.
  • Flexibility: The flexible pipes reduce the need for connectors, minimising potential leak points and allowing for easier routing through tight spaces.

Special Applications

  • Marine and Caravan Use: The system's flexibility makes it ideal for installations in boats and caravans, offering resistance to corrosion and freezing.
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Environments: JG Speedfit’s durability makes it a suitable choice for these settings.
  • Portable Buildings: Its adaptability and resistance to environmental factors make JG Speedfit an excellent choice for temporary structures.
  • Specialized Environments: Appropriate for use in sensitive environments where hot works are not permissible.


  • Pipe Preparation: It is crucial to use clean, undamaged pipe and fittings. Pipes should be cut squarely, and all burrs should be removed to protect the O-Ring.
  • Fittings: Both Twist & Lock and standard Speedfit fittings require the pipe to be fully inserted past the collet and O-Ring. The system allows for easy disconnection and reusability without replacement parts.
  • Testing: It is recommended to test the system according to the Technical Checklist to ensure a secure installation.

Pipe Stop Distances

Stops are positioned at these specific distances from the end of the fitting:

Size Stopping Distance
10mm 20mm
15mm 30mm
22mm 35mm
28mm 44mm

What Not To Do

  • Avoid using hacksaws for cutting pipes to prevent leaving burrs or score marks, which can lead to leaks.
  • Avoid using damaged or scored pipe. Score marks can cause leaks passed the O-ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can JG Speedfit be used for both hot and cold water systems?
A: Yes, Speedfit fittings and pipes are suitable for both hot and cold water applications, including central heating systems.

Q: How long do JG Speedfit fittings last?
A: When installed correctly and used under normal conditions, Speedfit fittings can last many years. They come with a 50-year guarantee when used with JG Speedfit Layflat PB and PEX Barrier Pipes.

Q: Are JG Speedfit connections easy to disassemble?
A: Yes, Speedfit's design allows for easy disassembly. Simply hold the collet against the fitting and pull the pipe to release.


John Guest Speedfit products are not only renowned for their innovation and quality but are also recognized for meeting stringent industry standards. Each product in the Speedfit range proudly carries the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval, ensuring they comply with the high standards set for plumbing systems in the UK. This accreditation is a testament to their commitment to safety, reliability, and environmental responsibility. With JG Speedfit, customers are assured of a product that not only meets but often exceeds the rigorous requirements of the plumbing industry, ensuring peace of mind in both residential and commercial applications.

Working Temperatures & Pressures

Application Usual Working Temperature °C Max Working Temperature °C Max Working Pressure (bar)
Cold Water
(indirect & direct mains)
20 20 12.5
Central Heating 82 105, short term malfunction at 114 3
Hot Water
(including unvented cylinders)
65 95 6


JG Speedfit Technical Guide

If you require any further information, our excellent customer service team is here to help so please call us on 01794 835835.