Corzan/CPVC Accessories:

Here at Pipestock we like to try and provide customer with everything they will need for our pipe systems. This is why we have this special section of our Corzan/CPVC area dedicated to providing customers with the miscellaneous fittings, tools and accessories needed to complete and install a Corzan/CPVC Pipe System.

All of our Corzan/CPVC Accessories are high quality and will fulfil their purpose well. The range includes:

·         Brushes
·         CPVC Solvent Cement
·         Eco-Cleaner
·         Emery Cloth Sheets 3PK
·         Cobra Pipe Clips
·         Gaskets St Flange EPDM
·         Gaskets Stub Flange FPM
·         Backing Ring PN10/16
·         Backing Ring ANSI 150

The preparation of the pipework can be done by using the Eco-Cleaner and Emery Cloth Sheets. The jointing of the pipework can be achieved by utilising the Brushes for the application of the CPVC Solvent Cement and the Gaskets and Backing Rings are suitable for use with various fittings within the system. Finally, the Cobra Pipe Clips are for securing pipe lengths, within a system, to walls or floors to ensure the system is thoroughly supported.

If you have any queries regarding our Corzan/CPVC range of accessories or the Corzan/CPVC Pipe System in general then feel free to contact us
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