Twist & Pushfit 10mm

Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • O-ring Material: EPDM
  • Max. Pressure Cold water 12 bar (20°C)
  • Max. Pressure Hot water 3 bar (82°C)
  • Pipe inserts required

Useful Info:

Designed for use with hot and cold commercial and domestic heating systems.

Suitable for use with Polyethylene, Polybutylene, Copper and CPVC pipe systems.

Products have no scrap value, deterring thieves.

Twist and Lock provides a permanent anti-leak connection.

CAUTION - Do not insert fingers into fittings as steel grip teeth may cause injury.

 - Do not bury fittings.

 - Do not use if fittings appear damaged.

 - Do not paint with Cellulose based paints, paint strippers, thinners, flux, acid based descalents or aggressive cleaning products.


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