TracPipe Fittings

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TracPipe gas pipe system - sold by PipestockKey Features / Tech Specs:

  • Material: brass
  • Easily fitted into a TracPipe system
  • No need for heated jointing
  • Incorporate AutoFlare technology to provide non-leaking sealed gas joints
  • High quality and durable
  • BS 7838 approved
  • Tested by Advantica
  • BSI kitemark

Basic Fitting Guidelines:

Pipestock recommend that you use the manufacturer's specific fitting instructions and the advice below should be considered a guideline only.

  1. Cut the TracPipe pipe to the correct length and cut between two corrugations with a tube cutter.
  2. With great care, cut and strip back the plastic cover 25mm from the cut end of the pipe.
  3. Place the fitting into the back nut and engage threads. The fitting is designed to form a leak tight seat on the stainless piping as you tighten it.
  4. Tighten the nut and body as though you were making up a flared tubing joint. Observe the relation between hex flats at this point and continue to tighten for two additional hex flats (one-third turn) to obtain required torque and final leak-tight metal-to-metal seal.
  5. Perform gas tightness test.
  6. After test, use self-bonding silicone TracPipe tape to cover any exposed steel behind the fitting nut to reduce the possibility of future corrosive attack.

Useful Info:

TracPipe fittings are innovative with their use of AutoFlare technology. AutoFlare removes the need for hot-work to be done when installing a TracPipe gas pipe system. The design means that as the fitting is tightened, it forces the pipe to flare outwards, in perfect symmetry, onto the inside of the fitting forming a sealed joint which conforms to the relevant British Gas industry standards.


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