Hot & Cold Water

Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Material: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)
  • For the transportation of domestic hot and cold water
  • WRAS approvedWRAS Approved Product - sold by Pipestock
  • Temperature rating: 5°C to 90°C (PN25 90°C at 4 bar)
  • Pressure ratings: Up to 63mm - PN25 up to 63mm, PN16 from 25mm to 160mm
  • Excellent alternative to copper
  • Design life of 50 years
  • Light weight
  • Lime-scale free
  • Corrosion resistant

Useful Info:

Designed for the transportation of hot and cold domestic water, this is a complete, fully-matched system which provides security and reliability for the application of water in a variety of buildings, both residential and commercial.

This system is an economically viable alternative to copper, and thanks to its quicker and easier installation, makes a great alternative to traditional pipe.

These hot & cold water pipes and fittings are solvent joined using a welding polymer, so no electricity or hot works is required.

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