TracPipe Coils

Useful Information

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Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Used to transport natural, propane and butane gas
  • Material: corrugated stainless steel, yellow polyethylene cover
  • Can be shaped by hand
  • TracPipe cutter sold separately - see Product Code: 354940
  • No hot-joining needed
  • Clearly displays the word 'GAS'
  • Tested by Advantica
  • Conforms to BS 7838
  • BSI kitemark

Useful Info:

TracPipe is an innovative gas pipe which can allow up to 75% of installation time to be saved compared to standard copper pipe. This time saving is gained through the pipe being lightweight and easy to install, along with the addition of fittings being simple.

Unlike traditional gas pipes such as copper and steel, TracPipe can be supplied in lengths far longer than 3m. This means less joints are created and allows for easier fitting without awkward lengths and angles.


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Grouped product items
CodeProduct NameList PriceYou SaveYou Pay Quantity
354108TracPipe Coil 30m x 12mm £332.70 47% £176.33
354109TracPipe Coil 75m x 12mm £831.75 47% £440.83
354110TracPipe Coil 30m x 15mm £392.70 47% £208.13
354111TracPipe Coil 75m x 15mm £981.75 47% £520.33
354112TracPipe Coil 30m x 22mm £501.00 47% £265.53
354113TracPipe Coil 75m x 22mm £1,252.50 47% £663.83
354114TracPipe Coil 30m x 28mm £692.10 47% £366.81
354115TracPipe Coil 55m x 28mm £1,268.85 47% £672.49
354116TracPipe Coil 90m x 28mm £2,076.30 47% £1,100.44
354117TracPipe Coil 45m x 32mm £1,464.75 47% £776.32
354118TracPipe Coil 75m x 32mm £2,441.25 47% £1,293.86
354119TracPipe Coil 45m x 40mm £1,985.85 47% £1,052.50
354120TracPipe Coil 75m x 40mm £3,309.75 47% £1,754.17
354121TracPipe Coil 45m x 50mm £3,054.60 47% £1,618.94