Locking Device

Useful Information

Key Features / Tech Specs:

  • Material: steel with nickel plating

Technical Info:

Choice of Handle
Series ¼" ⅜" ½" ¾" 1" 1¼" 1½" 2"
45-46 M M 1A 1A 2A 2A 3A 3A
54 - - M M 1A 1A 2A 2A
Size L2 (mm) - 95 - 120 - 150 - 160



ART 45 ART 46 ART 54
Brass Ball Valve NPT F/F Brass Ball Valve Parallel M/F Brass Ball Valve Parallel F/F
Gas Brass Ball Valve BSP Parallel F/F
Gas Brass Ball Valve BSP Taper F/F


Useful Info:

This locking device is used to lock the valve, either open or closed, ensuring a secure and workable ball valve.


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Grouped product items
CodeProduct NameList PriceYou SaveYou Pay Quantity
353410Locking Device M £8.12 50% £4.06
353407Locking Device 1A £9.80 50% £4.90
353408Locking Device 2A £13.63 50% £6.82
353409Locking Device 3A £18.44 50% £9.22