Gastite P2 CSST

Useful Information

Gastite P2 pipe offers the same functionality as a flexible, stainless steel alternative to traditional copper or steel gas piping, and meets the same specifications and standards, as Gastite (which can be seen by clicking here). However, it also features an integral outer containment sleeve which allows installation in unvented voids.

Gastite P2 is fully compatible with all of the previously-released Gastite fittings.


Download the Gastite pipe sizing app from the following:-

Download the Gastite sum of pressure loss work sheet below:-


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Grouped product items
CodeProduct NameList PriceYou SaveYou Pay Quantity
403035Gastite P2 Coil 30m x 20mm £523.20 45% £287.76
403036Gastite P2 Coil 75m x 20mm £1,308.00 45% £719.40
403037Gastite P2 Coil 30m x 25mm £723.00 45% £397.65
403038Gastite P2 Coil 45m x 25mm £1,084.50 45% £596.48
403039Gastite P2 Coil 75m x 25mm £1,807.50 45% £994.13
403040Gastite P2 Coil 90m x 25mm £2,169.00 45% £1,192.95
403041Gastite P2 Coil 45m x 32mm £1,530.45 45% £841.75
403042Gastite P2 Coil 75m x 32mm £2,550.75 45% £1,402.91
403043Gastite P2 Coil 90m x 32mm £3,060.90 45% £1,683.50
403044Gastite P2 Coil 45m x 40mm £2,074.95 45% £1,141.22
403045Gastite P2 Coil 75m x 40mm £3,458.25 45% £1,902.04
403046Gastite P2 Coil 45m x 50mm £3,191.85 45% £1,755.52