Fully Matched Pipework

What does 'fully matched' mean?

If products from different manufacturers can be equalled in terms of approvals, standards and quality, and can integrate seamlessly with each other, they are deemed to be 'fully matched'.

Pipestock only stock and supply products from the most reputable manufacturers. These products are constructed in accordance with a set of approvals and standards that govern the quality of the raw material, dimensions, mechanical performance, safety, colour, and quality, as well as the environmental management concerning how they are produced and how they operate.

No one manufacturer currently produces every single component of an end to end piping system, so in reality the end users will have to integrate different products at some point. This is the fundamental reason why there are approvals and standards.

As a reputable and responsible distributor, our primary focus is always the customer's application. This ensures the right products are selected and allows us to deliver a technically sound strategic solution, for the best value. If you require assistance with an application, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help.

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