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Clamp Saddles & Repair Clamps:

Clamp Saddleare used to branch off from existing pipework, and can also be used to add pipe equipment into a pipe system. Repair Clamps can be used within a pipe system to repair a damaged section of pipework. The Repair Clamps we have available are both from the top manufacturer Plasson and provide strong, leak-free joints to allow for easy pipework repairs.

We offer the following products in our  Clamp Saddles & Repair Clamps range: Clamp Saddle Single, Clamp Saddle Double, Repair Clamps and Repair Clamps Blue.

Key Facts:

·         Clamp Saddleare used to branch off or add auxiliary equipment
·         Repair Clamps are used to repair damaged pipe 
·         Clamp Saddle Single OutletClamp Saddle Double Outlet, Repair Clamps and Repair Clamps
are available.
·         Manufactured to a high standard
·         Made from quality materials
·         Adherence to relevant standards
·         Maximum working temperature dependant upon specific fitting
·         Maximum pressure between 10-16 BAR dependant on specific fitting
·         Maximum working pressure tested at 20°C


Our  Clamp Saddleand Repair Clamps are manufactured from a variety of high quality materials which allow for efficiency and a long service life.


Clamp Saddle& Repair Saddles are used within pipe systems for several different reasons. The most simple reason for using Clamp Saddles is to create a tee joint along a pipe length which otherwise would not be able to accommodate one. This use of a Clamp Saddle allows for a tapping off of the flow in a different direction.

An alternative use for Clamp Saddle is for the attachment of auxiliary pipe equipment such as water meters or pressure gauges.

Finally, Repair Clamps can be used where pipework is damage, for instance where it has been subjected to hard impact and bent or potentially split. Repair Clamps are simple to install and prevent potential or further leaking by securing the damaged area.

Approvals, Standards & Quality:

Our Clamp Saddles & Repair Clamps conform to various related standards which can be read on the individual Saddle or Clamp pages: Clamp Saddle Single Outlet, Clamp Saddle Double Outlet, Repair Clamp and Repair Clamps Blue

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