Manifolds are used in many different applications and Pipestock have a good variety of manifolds available in different configurations to suit most needs within MDPE pipe systems. Manifolds allow you to break down the flow within a pipe system into separate sections and control them individually.

Key Facts:

·         Breaks down flow
·         Allows individual flow control
·         25mm outlets
·         Can be fitted with meter manifold assembly or stop valves


The manifold is manufactured using a 2”/63mm centre feed for 4 and 6 port manifolds and a 2"/63" end feed for 3, 4 and 6 port manifolds. Each manifold has 25mm outlets. These outlets can then be fitted with a meter manifold assembly or simply with a stop valve.


Manifolds are used where the water supply in an MDPE pipe system needs to be split off into several different pipes. This can be the case in certain buildings for instance a block of flats, houses or caravan park applications where separate water supplies are essential. 

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