MDPE Electrofusion Fittings - WRAS Approved Product

Electrofusion is one of the most effective ways of joining MDPE and other plastic pipework. It gives a secure and reliable joint which tends to be more reliable than other joining techniques. Pipestock have the most comprehensive range of MDPE Electrofusion Fittings available for joining MDPE pipe.

How It Works:

MDPE Electrofusion Fittings are designed with built-in electric heating elements which are heated in order to weld pipe systems together. When the voltage is running through the fitting, the heater coils melt the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe wall, welding together the pipework and producing a very strong homogenous joint.

Key Facts:

·         All fittings except Lightfit are rated PN16 for water
·         Creates a strong and reliable joint
·         Conforms to various standards
·         For water use
·         Ideal for use on MDPE & HDPE pipework
·         Each fitting comes individually bagged


MDPE Electrofusion Fittings stocked by Pipestock are manufactured from high quality material and components making them superior electrofusion fittings. Our MDPE Electrofusion Fittings feature fully computerized welding control and monitoring making them second-to-none.

Basic Fitting Instructions:

It is always important to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use MDPE  Electrofusion Fittings. The following procedure is a guideline only and involves the following basic steps:

1.       Clean & dry thoroughly the pipework which is being joined
2.       Insert the pipework into the Electrofusion Fitting
3.       Run the required voltage through the fitting for the specified time
4.       Stop the current and leave the assembly to cool for specified time

Standards & Approval:

This comprehensive range of MDPE Electrofusion Fittings is manufactured to standards:

·         BS EN1555
·         BS EN12201
·         WIS 4-32-14
·         WIS 4-32-15



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