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Temperature Gauges, Pressure Gauges & Digital Flow Meters

Need to monitor Temperature within a pipe system? In need of a Pressure Gauge? Do you require monitoring of flow through pipes? Pipestock have a range of Digital Flow Meters, Temperature Gauges and Pressure Gauges to suit most applications and needs. Our pipe fittings are all manufactured to high standards to ensure long service life and efficiency.

Key Facts:

1.       Temperature & Pressure Gauges available
2.       Digital Flow Meters available with: Inch, Metric, Flange & BSP connections
3.       Temperature Gauge available in two different ranges


The Temperature Gauge is made up of a combination of metals with a BSP Threaded connection.
The Pressure Gauge is manufactured from metal with a BSP Threaded connection.
The Digital Flow Meters are made up of a combination of materials including PVCu, Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide, PVDF and Stainless Steel.

Chemical Resistance:

The suitability of the Digital Flow Meters, Temperature Gauges and Press Gauge for use with different chemicals is dependent upon the particular fitting and should be discussed with prior to purchase. Feel free to call us – we are always happy to help our customers.


These fittings are used for specific purposes in many different industries. Digital Flow Meters can be used for the monitoring of flow in: OEM Water Treatment Skids, Small Waste Water Treatment, Sub-Metering, Facility Water Usage and Water Based Cooling Systems.

Temperature Gauges are used within Pipe Systems where monitoring of the temperature is crucial to the safe working of the pipework and the efficient flow rate of the substance the pipework is conveying.

Pressure Gauges are used within pipework systems where the working pressure must be regulated in order to promote the safe and efficient working of the Pipe System.

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