Air-Line Xtra

Air-Line Xtra System:

Pipestock are proud to supply Air-Line Xtra pipework systems designed and manufactured by the well-known brand Durapipe. The Air-Line Xtra pipe and fittings provide a compressed pipe distribution system which can be used in compressed air systems and pneumatic machinery. The pipe system ensures that air is kept uncontaminated for use in processing and manufacturing industries.

Key Facts:

1.       Manufactured by Durapipe
2.       Alternative to metal pipe systems
3.       Low installation costs
4.       Lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install
5.       Design life of 30 years
6.       Available in sizes 16mm to 110mm
7.       Working pressure of 12.5 BAR
8.       Meets UK Pressure Systems and Transportable Container Regulations
9.       Ultra smooth bore
10.    Corrosion Resistant 


Air-Line Xtra pipes and fittings are manufactured from a specially formulated blend of ABS giving them the ability to cope with tough industrial applications. With impact strength and toughness, the material of this pipework system allows it a long service life.

The pipework has a high performance co-extruded liner which enhances its mechanical and chemical properties whilst the butadiene component of the material gives the pipework resistance to accidental damage and prevents impact damage even at low temperatures.

Yet another positive to the Air-Line Xtra pipe system is that there is no need for painting or maintenance of the systems material.

Chemical Resistance:

Air-Line Xtra pipework is manufactured with an ultra-smooth bore in order to allow maximum flow rate. The ABS alloy plastic the pipework is manufactured from is corrosion resistant allowing for a long service life.


Compressed air is a large source of industrial energy and with its increasing use, both in manufacturing and processing industries, the need for comprehensive and reliable compressed air pipework systems is growing. Air-Line Xtra pipe systems can be used either as air compression systems or within pneumatic machinery in industrial manufacturing and processing. The Air-Line Xtra pipe system guarantees clean air and its safe exploitation as an energy source.

If the system is installed correctly, the solvent welded joints will provide a leak-free system with relatively low running costs.

Approvals, Standards & Quality:

Air-Line Xtra pipework conforms to the following standards:

·         Light blue in accordance with British Standards requirements BS 4800 and BS 1710
·         Manufactured in an environment operating a quality system assessed to BS EN ISO 9001
·        Meets the requirements of the UK Pressure Systems and Transportable Container Regulations

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