ABS Pipe Fittings

ABS Pipe Fittings - WRAS Approved Product

ABS Pipe Fittings:

We have in stock huge quantities of ABS Pipe Fittings, available for next day delivery. Our products are manufactured from A Grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS for short.

Unlike other plastics, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene makes ABS Pipe Fittings which are suitable for airline systems. The non-toxic grade material is also suitable for food and potable water transportation.

Key Facts:

·         Suitable to be used with potable water
·         Large range of fittings
·         Adaptor fittings available
·         Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
·         High shock resistance
·         Wide range of chemical resistance
·         Working temperature between - 40°C to +70°C
·         15 BAR rated up to 5”
·         12 BAR rated at 6”
·         10 BAR at 8”.

Types & Sizes of Fittings Available:

ABS plastic is known for its reliability and versatility when used in plastic pipe systems and specifically ABS Pipe Fittings. To further the versatility of the pipework and cater for all applications, here at Pipestock we have a variety of ABS Pipe Fitting ranges as well as a wide selection of fittings within those ranges. Our ranges include: Plain Inch, Plain x Threaded Inch and Threaded.

Within our ABS Pipe Fitting ranges we carry a selection of sizes.  In stock and ready for immediate despatch we have ½” to 8” sizes which can be purchased today. We can also supply 10” and 12” sizes in ABS Pipe Fittings which can be bought today and delivered using our own dedicated transport.

Basic Fitting Instructions:

When fitting our ABS Pipework Systems it is essential to use ABS Solvent Cement. The ABS Solvent Cement works by softening the outside of the ABS Pipe and the inside of the ABS Pipe Fitting and, if used with clean and properly prepared pipe, creates a strong and reliable fitting.

1.       Cut the pipe, you are wishing to join, square
2.       Mark the pipe to show the area which will be joined (depth of fitting)
3.       Thoroughly abrade the end of the pipe over the area which is to be joined and the area of the
           fitting which is to be joined
4.       Use our ABS Cleaning Fluid to clean the areas to be joined
5.       Using a clean brush to apply the ABS Cement fairly quickly
6.       Push pipe into fitting to required depth
7.       Hold the connection together for the required time
8.       Wipe off excessive cement from the joint
9.       Allow sufficient drying time prior to pressurisation of the system

Standards, Approvals & Quality:

ABS Pipe Fittings meet all the following requirements:

·         British Industrial Biological Research Association (BIBRA)
·         WRAS Approved and tested by the WRc
·         DWI Approved ABS Pipe

Pressure / Temperature Relationship:

At 20°C the fittings are 15 BAR rated up to 5”, 12 BAR rated at 6” and 10 BAR at 8”.

Our ABS Pipe Fittings when selected with our ABS Pipe and ABS Valves complete a Fully Matched ABS Pipe System.

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